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Heavy duty surfaces

Industrial areas, airports or loading yards usually involve large surfaces with traffic of heavy vehicles. ACO provides solutions for large catchment areas that guarantee optimal durability and resistance to extreme loads.

ACO Monoblock RD

  • Monolithic polymer concrete drainage channels
  • Robust and durable
  • Optimal stability for extreme loads
  • No loose parts
  • Color options: anthracite and natural

ACO Qmax

  • Hydraulic capacity slot channels
  • Variety of sizes and edge rails to suit you project requirements

ACO PowerDrain

  • Grated polymer concrete channels
  • Cast iron edge rails and gratings with KTL coating
  • Powerlock grating locking for optimal safety
  • Robust and durable

ACO Multitop

  • Self-levelling cast iron manhole covers
  • Resistance to heavy loads
  • Anti-slip surface for optimal safety

ACO Oil Separators

  • Concrete or plastic oil separators
  • Variety of nominal sizes to suit your project needs
  • Options and accessories for easy maintenance

ACO Stormbrixx

  • Infiltration or attenuation system for rain waters Light-weight and flexible plastic elements
  • Fully inspectable system
  • Optimal stability